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New Kitchens

Are you building a new home or setting up a new restaurant? 

We can help you achieve your goals by working with you to design your desired kitchen space, paying attention to what you want to achieve in your new kitchen, and planning around your needs.

We use high quality materials from local suppliers to ensure that you have a beautiful kitchen that you can enjoy for many years. 

One of the advantages of a modern style kitchen is the abundance of storage space. For maximum storage space we can strategically place wall and base mounted cabinets for you to store your cooking equipment and pantry items.

Freedom of movement is essential in a busy kitchen. We will install doors to help you get in and out of the space quickly as well as drawers that are intuitively placed so you can work seamlessly and not have to reach over for your knives, ladles, pots and other equipment. We understand the importance of a smooth flowing workable kitchen and we will work with you with this in mind.

Being one of the busiest sections of the kitchen, the countertop or benchtop is where cooks work their magic. We can craft high quality stone, stainless steel or timber countertops that will help you as you work with various ingredients and utensils without a hiccup.

To round out your kitchen design we can install a splash back that protects your walls while providing a focal point behind your benchtop. Whether you want a visual piece that attracts attention while giving your space a lively jolt of colour or a more subtle, subdued piece that does the job without overwhelming the design, we can provide one that is suitable for your unique taste.

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